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Cradled in the midst of a sprawling green oasis, the NLK Academy also offers boarding house facilities for students. The NLK boarding house is a fine blend of comfort and safety where students get an opportunity to learn and grow in a healthy environment. Hostel schedules synchronized with regular school offer eclectic opportunities to participate in activities like running, lawn tennis, badminton, basketball, cricket along with instrumental and western music. Professional and caring hostel staff with round the clock medical facility and security contributes to optimum delight for the parents. 

The rooms are spacious with capacity of maximum 6 students in each room (Grade IV to VIII, only for boys). The living area for students is exclusive and secure with round the clock supervision by Dorm Parents. Each student also has a personal cupboard and bed, which makes handling of the belongings easy and safe. Apart from this, the room is equipped with study tables and chairs to facilitate uninterrupted studies. A well-equipped modern and contemporary dining hall. The children follow a prescribed schedule, which is strictly adhered to in order to bring about discipline in their routine and create a healthy routine for a lifetime. It starts with Jogging in the morning and ends with evening sports and special subject learning support. Their weekends are scheduled with unlimited fun & frolic with indoor cinema, sports & leisure hours. Dorm Parent resides within the hostel round-the-clock ensuring utmost personal attention towards the student's all round development. This results in a homely atmosphere across the hostel and a secure and reassuring environment for children.