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About NLK Academy

NLK Academy is conceived to enrich the K-12 education by cultivating in its students academic rigor, 21st century skills, professional talents and entrepreneurial aptitude. The curriculum is implemented on the lines of Theory of Multiple Intelligences and accommodates advanced professional skill-development courses that supplement the academics by giving it an edge of practicality. The infrastructure is modern and highly purposeful that supports modern pedagogy and the progressive teaching-learning environment of NLK.

A range of courses have been introduced to maximize exposure to the modern industry and global economy as well as for the development of artistic and aesthetic talents. To further facilitate all-round development, an extensive inventory of sports and co-curricular activities is devised.

NLK Academy marks a shift from conventional schooling in myriad ways, not in the least because it is the first institution in the region that provides inclusive education and lays down the foundation for academic equity.   


“To transform young minds into independent, skilled individuals for a better tomorrow”


  • To provide affordable education to all
  • To enhance academic growth and character development
  • To build responsible global citizens To bestow an inclusive learning environment
  • To bestow an inclusive learning environment

Core Values

We believe and nurture our children in the values of Diversity, Empathy, and Integrity

  • Diversity: Accepting differences
  • Empathy: Togetherness
  • Integrity: Consistent in words and actions