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Globally Informed Education

An education that engenders 21st century skills in children enabling them to lead the new industry and the knowledge society.

Concurrent Skill-Development

Alongwith the academics, students are exposed to the globally relevant professional and industrial skills.

Inclusive Education

A spirit of inclusion drives the NLK community. A nurturing environment is provided for the Children with Special Needs through a special curriculum.

Welcome to NLK Academy

NLK Academy is conceived to enrich the K-12 education by cultivating in its students academic rigor, 21st century skills, professional talents and entrepreneurial aptitude. The curriculum is implemented on the lines of Theory of Multiple Intelligences and it accommodates advanced professional skill-development courses that supplement the academics by giving it an edge of practicality. The infrastructure is modern and highly purposeful that supports modern pedagogy and the progressive teaching-learning environment of NLK.

A range of courses have been introduced to maximize exposure towards the modern industry and global economy as well as for the development of artistic and aesthetic talents. To further facilitate all-round development, an extensive inventory of sports and co-curricular activities is devised.

Features that Make us Unique

Multiple Intelligences

The curriculum and pedagogy is designed in line with the Theory of Multiple Intelligences which leads to innovative ways of instruction, teaching –aids resulting in better concept assimilation. Every student finds the curriculum appealing and responds to it by becoming increasingly receptive.

Participatory Learning

Through educational models like Project-based learning and Understanding by Design the classroom becomes a dynamic forum for vibrant participation and productive interaction.

Performing Arts

Talents are encouraged and refined through methodical training and guidance. The arts are not just pursued by the students as a hobby, rather they are elevated to the level of skills that defines a child’s personality.


Activities for the day scholars and boarders are designed for development of team spirit and leadership. Emphasis is given on development of interpersonal intelligence, communication skills and ability to empathize and understand the community.

Artificial Intelligence

Courses in ICT, Artificial intelligence and robotics are introduced in a structured and sequential fashion. Children are trained in cyber skills and cyber ethics as a part of 21st century skill development programme.

Inclusive Education

The Academy is committed to bring inclusive education in the popular consciousness and will aim to set standards for the education and development of Children with Special Needs.

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